Monday, May 22, 2006

I am the real Skeptico

Checkout the blog of the real Skeptico.

An anti-evolutionist twit called Kennesaw Williams (if that is his real name), has just started a blog with with the name Skeptico and the url of Strange, since the headline blog name is actually "Evolution & Other Scourges". He’s even leaving creationist comments on other blogs as Skeptico.

What a lame-ass – can’t even use his own blog name. What does he hope to achieve? To confuse people into thinking I favor intelligent design? To generate extra traffic to his lame site? Clearly, he doesn’t think that rational argument and evidence will be enough to convince people that ID is valid.

Ask yourself – if an honest person really believed he had evidence to support ID, would he pretend to be someone else? Would he pretend to be someone whose views opposed his own? If you ever you needed evidence the intelligent design argument was in trouble – you have it here. (Not that we really needed any more evidence.) Kennesaw Williams is Skeptico in the same way that Intelligent Design is science - ie he isn't.